New Job, New Start

So today I got The Call. The one that changes your world just enough to make you realise you weren’t quite on the right path. I have been offered a job, which is almost double my current wage, it comes with benefits and a laptop (hubby noticed that bit, I was more interested in the start date – two Mondays time!).

When my phone lite up with the number that I recognised I was filled with utter dread, complete panic and 100% excitement! all at once. I could actually hear my heart beating in my head. I think that if anyone had of seen me at that exact moment, they would have actually been able to see my heart beating in my chest, either that or assume I was having a heart attack.

It lasted less than two minutes for the lady to tell me that all their checks came back fine and that they were in “the delightful position to be able to offer you a job”. THANK GOODNESS!! I have been waiting for this phonecall for over a week. Waiting for my background checks to be complete, from criminal and child services to job history. They probably now know more about me than I do.

Finally they had rung. The only problem was that at the end of the call I had to tell my current employers that I was quitting and giving a weeks notice. So as soon as my boss was sitting down and had two minutes to spare, I did it. I said “I am quitting” and explained how it is a career move and a great opportunity for me etc. she asked me when I start and I said that next Friday was my last day. She couldn’t believe I was only giving a weeks notice. I said that I was happy to work outside of business hours to help them out until they hired someone and that I would be happy to do a full handover to the new Me.

Now some of you out there might think that I have done something wrong with the amount of notice I gave, but technically I didn’t need to give them any. They hired me on a casual basis, with promises of full time, but that never happened. As a casual employee your job can be terminated on the spot with no notice, and vice versa, you can quit with no notice. I requested, in my job interview that I be able to give a weeks notice to my current employer, so they gave me a week. I thought it was fair to both parites, it leaves me time to finalise all my jobs, get some forward planning done and doesn’t make the other side wait weeks for me to start.

I know that I am making the right move in getting back into a corporate atmosphere and moving away from small family run business, but I still feel a bit sad. I learnt a lot there, and the business is going through a large amount of growth and development at the moment, and I could have been a part of all of that. But I think that going back to big business that my job will be more secure and it will be a much better career defining role than where I am at, at the moment.

I am incredibly happy to have my new job, and I am so excited to start. I guess I just feel bad because i was only in my current role for 6 months. But at the same time I wasn’t being paid my industry standard or only working within my job description. This would not normally have bothered me too much, either one should be expected in small business, but to have both at the same time, I guess I just feel taken advantage of.

Anyways, my knew job is a combination of two things that I absolutely love! not for profit / charity / helping others and web development. It is perfect for me. I will be working on a project to develop the website into something new and on another project to update some internal software. It should be challenging, amazing, trying, frustrating, inspiring and more. I can’t wait to start, only 10 more sleeps!

Always & Forever
Mrs T xx


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