Mind Wanders…no typo

Today hubby and I tore down our old verandah lattice rails to put up some new sleek slates, with a bar bench top so we can sit with bars tools around the verandah. As part of this giant job we had to paint all the supporting beams and wood thingys as they were a weird brown colour. You know that colour, brown that was once a really lovely colour that has now been bathed in countless sun hours and has warped into some deep brown shady version of itself. It is now a lovely steel blue grey colour.

But this is not the point to my blog. Whilst painting the mind wanders. I found myself thinking about a particular movie seen in a movie I watched a few days ago. It was Gone Girl, *spoiler alert* and the scene was when he found all the stuff in the wood shed. I just couldn’t get over why he didn’t just go to the police straight away. Or why he hid clue three?! If he is innocent, wouldn’t it be best to be 100% cooperative. Then BAM I realised. I was completely worked up over this fictional character and his character flaws. Then I started to wonder how did my thoughts get here? Then I did the backwards thought process I like to do. This was my thoughts
Crankiness and disbelief came from
Clue 3, came from
Scavenger hunt came from
A mission came from
Jack bower came from
24 tv show came from
24th bday present
25th bday present
26th bday present
What should I get hubby came from
Our one year anniversary is a few months away

(Now read it from bottom to top, minus the “came froms”

Now that’s a pretty mundane one, I have been known to have some fairly crazy, leap frog type mind wanders. But as I lay in bed, writing this blog, I wonder if anyone else ever back tracks their mind wanders? And no that’s not a typo, I am talking about the places your mind goes, not about the things it wonders about.

Have you ever traced your steps back through your mind, to see how you got there? Are you ever amazed at your own leaps? Or have you never thought about this before?

Always & Forever
Mrs T xx


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