Departure lounge

So, as mentioned in a previous post, I quit my job last week because I have been offered a new job which gets me back onto my career path. I gave my current employers one weeks notice which ends this Friday.

And now I am sitting in the departure lounge, waiting. My bags are packed, my tickets have been stamped and my passport cleared, but I can’t get on the plane just yet, because it’s not ready yet.

I just want to start my new job already! But I am stuck where I am for the next three days. We’ll not really stuck, because I like my current employment, it’s just not a career. I am doing a lot of forward planning for social media and EDM’s, and prepping files for whoever files my role. But I am lacking in motivation to get any of these things done, and because of that, the days are dragging and I can’t get inspired to design an awesome banner or a cool picture for Instagram.

I just want to start my new job already, to get back on track with my career. I am stuck in the departure lounge with my feet still on the ground, and all I want to do is fly.

I wish there was a way to fake motivation.

Always & Forever
Mrs T xx


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