Team player or freeloader? Which are you?

Recently, hubby and I joined an Oz Tag team. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is rugby league football, but instead of tackling the opposite team, each player has fluoro coloured straps hanging from their hips that you need to rip off. Once ripped off, they are considered “tackled”. Still not sure? Google it đŸ™‚

We were in round 3 last week. Because it is a mixed team, to keep it fair, of the 8 players on the field, there must be a 50/50 split men and women. That means we need 4 girls on the field. We have 5 girls in our team, one sub and 4 on the field. This means we shouldn’t have to play short if someone can’t make it. Unless of course you have a bad sportswoman on your team.

Last week, we turned up to play, and one of the girls was in a bad mood. We barely know her, but the rest of our team are all friends. One of the other girls wasn’t able to make it this week, so we are down to four girls, ie. no sub. This is pretty much my worst nightmare. I am not fit, at all, and I am no good with running and throwing and catching. No sub, means no break, which means I have to play the WHOLE game! I have been going walking everyday with my dogs in an effort to get fit and also to start my day with an endorphin hit and lower stress levels, and I am so glad that I did. Because of this “bad mood”, she did not play. This meant we only had 3 girls!

Now I haven’t played a lot of team sport in my lifetime, but I do understand the concept of a team. I understand that you do not let your team down. Even if you are sick or injured you still turn up to your game to cheer on your team. Morale. Sportsmanship. Honor. This girl on my team, chose not to play because of her bad mood. She forced the other 3 ladies on her team to push it as hard as we could for a full 40 minute game.

I can’t even find the right words. I was so angry at the lack of any sign of being a part of the team. She showed no support. She did not care that she was letting the team down. No one told us what the issue was, all we were told was “she gets like that sometimes. Don’t worry about it.” Well I am sorry, but I am going to worry about it! It cost $150 each, to play a season of Oz Tag. We aren’t a good team, and I don’t expect to win many, if any games, but I do expect that everyone pull their weight. To be a team player.

This girl, who I barely know, lost my respect this week. I find it abhorrent that she would do this to two strangers, let alone to family and friends who make up the rest of our team.

We ended up winning the game, and I even scored my first try. But the win was soured by he fact that she did not play. I wanted to say something, but it wasn’t my place. I am trying to teach myself to keep my nose out of things, and this is one of those things. But it is eating me up inside knowing that I should have said something. Her temper tantrum did not affect her ability to play. She cut her nose off to spite her face. I am glad that we won, and that she can have no glory in that. It will probably be our only win for the whole season.

There are team players and then there are freeloaders, people who ride on the coat tails of others to get them places. I can’t stand freeloaders, they are a burden on the system, on any system. Which are you?

Argh, such a ranty blog, so rant over.
Always & Forever
Mrs T. Xxx


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