Resumes – Save me now

I hate writing my resume. There is a fine line that must be toed when writing your resume, between sounding arrogant and egotistical compared to underselling yourself. I literally procrastinate until the last second before I have to hand in a resume before I will write it.

My reasons are:

  1. Having to go through and justify all my achievements at my current or previous job to get the next. It makes me uncomfortable. I think my achievements are really great! But will the person reading them think the same thing?
  2. How much detail do I put it? Do I just say I managed the SEO Campaigns for the business, or do I go into detail and talk about Social Media Advertising, CPC rates management, demographic studies etc. Are the people reading my resume going to know what is involved and how much time is spent on those activities or do I need to break it down for them?
  3. Should I pad my resume? Should I make it seem a little larger than I really am? If I don’t, will that put me behind the eight ball for those who did?
  4. Formatting. Microsoft Word comes with a bunch of different formats, which one do you use? A standard resume or a curriculum vitae? Should your cover letter and resume be a single document or should they be two separate documents?
  5. References. I am still in contact with my references and we have catch ups a few times a year. However they are from jobs that were several years ago. Should I be updating these? Or keep them because they are strong references?

Seriously, I hate resume writing. When I see a job, sometimes I think the universe made the job just for me, and I still struggle to put my career, skills, experience, education and references on a page. Interviews I can do, but actually documenting the last 5 – 10 years of my career life on a page – no thanks!

Always & Forever,

Mrs T xx


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