Spoiler Alert – Gender revealed inside!

Last weekend, we invited our closest family and friends over to find out the gender of our baby. Now, I am the sort of person who 1. does not want to step on other people’s toes and 2. likes to do things in my own unique way. This is what led to my method of gender reveal.

Several months ago (July I think), we went to our friends gender reveal. Their reveal moment was the cutting of a cake, with the inside of the cake being the ‘colour’ of the gender, so pink for a girl, blue for a boy (it was pink). She is also the kind of person who would have gone on through life thinking that I had copied her, if I had of used the cake method. Toes would have been crushed, and I would have been the worst friend ever.

Another set of friends, released balloons from a box during a photo shoot and then posted the photos onto social media (they were blue). I really liked this idea, but I wanted to do something of my own.

So since deciding that we were going to find out, I have been thinking about ideas to make things come out of things in a symbolic manner to represent the gender of my baby. Then one day it just came to me. We are going to pop a giant balloon, and tiny little balloons are going to come out!!

I rang around to balloon companies in my area, and found one that totally understood what I was looking for. They ordered in a special, giant black balloon, that had zero transparency (even when getting the sun to shine on it, we tried!), and then waited for us to come around with a little piece of paper so they could fill it for us.

Directly after our ultrasound, we went straight to the balloon place, and gave them the folded up post-it note, which the balloon artist read, folded back up and gave to me. I then had to carry this little, folded up, begging-me-to-open, piece of paper for the next three hours. I would have periods of time were I would totally forget I had it because I was so busy with last minute organisations, and then go, Oh the paper is in my bag! and then look like a crazy person in the shopping center who can’t decide what they are doing. Every time making the right decision not to sneak a peak.

We get home, do all the last minute tidying and food prep. Family arrive half an hour early to help (really to make me pop the balloon early), and issue threats like, if your friends aren’t here on time we are popping the balloon, too bad for them! Like it’s their decision when we popped the balloon. Anyways…

Just before we popped the balloon, we let everyone have a guess at the gender to drum up some excitement. And then we did it, we popped the balloon!


We are very excited! I can’t wait for the little guy to arrive. Hubby is getting his little soccer/football/basketball/golf player. Only 19 more weeks to go!!

Always & Forever,

Mrs T xxx


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